Friday, July 14, 2006

Hi. I've never seen Titanic

Hi. My name is JP. And I've never seen the movie Titanic. I have reasons for that, but you don't care. I was wondering who else out there has never seen Titanic.

Titanic is the number one grossing movie of all time at $600,779,824. At an average of $7 per ticket, that would be 85,825,689 people who it in US theatres. I'm sure a lot more people rented it. Or watched it on HBO. I've done none of those things. Is there anyone else who exists who's never seen Titanic?

Email me at if you've never seen Titanic, and I'll add you to the list.

People Who've Never Seen Titanic
1. Me.
2. Scott Gibbs
3. "Fonzie993"
4. Eddie @ Willie Ball
5. "Miracle1969"
6. Mike Montefusco
7. Ben Samuel
8. Daniel Morris
9. Marshall Leeper